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A whole new realm of functionality
A universe of development productivity is at your fingertips. 4D developers can now take advantage of numerous publicly available (read: FREE) PHP libraries, thanks to 4D v12's integration of PHP 5.3.
And by integration, we really mean it: Just call the new PHP 'Execute' command, and access thousands of freely available PHP libraries and PHP source code. We've even included a number of libraries that take advantage of our our PHP interpreter, FastCGI, compiled in 4D to provide functionalities like LDAP, ciphering, zipping, and much more, from the moment you start.
PHP-driven features go beyond Web scripting, bringing users the ability to perform simple yet powerful functions directly from the user interface, all with a minimum of programming. Note that you don't even have to know the PHP language to take advantage of it!
Furthermore, using PHP to extend 4D application functionality is more lightweight, even, than using the 4D Plug-in SDK! In essence, we've opened up 4D to an entire world of existing functions, as well as put a new language in your arsenal to develop your own.

Let your text be stylish, yet totally indexable.
Deliver a richer interface
In addition to making 4D v12 more powerful to develop, we've also made it more intuitive and functional in use.

Text within 4D v12 can instantly have styling applied, all of which is stored as tags within the text itself. This means that despite containing additional data inline with the text, all of your text strings are indexed and remain intact, meaning searching on it is as fast as ever. But the results are prettier.
List boxes are now more powerful than ever, with the ability to print and display data hierarchically. Their appearance can easily be determined programmatically, with instant results.
Speaking of list boxes, they can now also have rich text applied to directly their contents.
Maintain your integrity
As the use of client/server solutions has grown, so has the need for the accurate updating of data on the server, even more so when working with multiple servers. Until now, it has been up to each developer to create the mechanisms and workflow for accurate data synchronization and backup, leading to a variety of implementations and, of course, a lot of extra development.
Taking advantage of 4D Server v12's integrated SQL server, developers now have access to ready-to-use synchronization tools. No longer having to program these mechanisms saves development time. And by providing reliable means of synchronization and replication, users of solutions can become more efficient and trust in the integrity of their data.
Use multiple databases at the same time
One of 4D's strengths has always been its modularity. By use of plug-ins, common functionality can be shared between applications. Thanks to 4D components, various solutions could use (and re-use) the same pieces of code, the same forms, and the same objects without having to reinvent the wheel.
4D v12 now offers the power and flexibility of using multiple databases within the same solution. With the new syntax of the SQL LOGIN command, you can open another 4D database file, outside of the main structure. And this can all be done without having to close or restart the main database.
Develop more rapidly, comfortably
Little things make for big differences. Nowhere is this more apparent than in 4D v12's development environment, where dozens of tiny details amount to leaps and bounds in improved ergonomics and usability.

Some coding assistance in the new Method Editor

The place where developers spend the most time – the Method Editor – has been completely rewritten. While keeping its proven interface, it gains ergonomic and productive features like on-the-fly display font sizing, type-ahead that includes completion of SQL code, auto-completion of tables, fields and variables, line-splitting (without breaking code), tooltips and breakpoints linked to lines of code. Developers also benefit from syntax detection, new/unsaved code indicators and the ability to expand/collapse code.
The Global Find and Replace function has been completely rewritten to be easier and faster. Need to rename a method or a variable everywhere it appears in your code? Easy. Want to find unused methods or variables that are taking up valuable space? It's just one menu item away.

4D Server 64-bit (beta)
Currently a beta feature, 4D Server v12 for Windows offers 64-bit support for developers and users who need rapid access to large amounts of data.
By allowing greater access to memory (only limited by the physical capacities of RAM manufacturers), 64-bit processing results in much more rapid handling of large quantities of data and/or dealing with a large numbers of connected users.
4D v12 applications can be compiled in 32- and 64-bit versions, even from a Mac, although the 64-bit application can only be executed with 4D Server 64-bit.

Form widgets make it easy to add functionality without programming

Everyday tasks like printing are much improved, with the ability to print forms and list boxes. Windows users can now join their Mac counterparts in outputting to PDF, as well.
Use of images has grown richer, as well. On top of the wide range of formats already supported, 4D v12 supportspicture metadata including EXIF, TIFF and GPS.
Getters and Setters provide harmonious symmetry in reading and writing property commands and for duplicating objects.
Another area of improvement is in the interaction between forms and subforms, which now support pointers and events in order to automatically update subform contents.
Components can now also be published and consumed as subforms within host databases. One such example of these are the invaluable Form Widgets, providing an entire library of pre-built user interface objects that can be bound instantly to your data and methods.
SQL aficionados get more power in 4D v12, with support for full SQL Dump and Insert, bringing the ability to export and import data in text format via SQL, as well as new functionality for joins..
XML implementation has been further enhanced with new commands at your diposal.
In all, 4D v12 represents the further growth of an already mature platform. Be our guest and try out all of these new features.

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