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Titolo: Sussurri dal 4d Summit 2010

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Ecco un riassunto dei tweet sul 4D Summit 2010 appena tenuto a San Diego:

- 11.8 oct 2010, 12.1 nov 2010, 13.0 Q4 2011

Thibaud Arguillére
- SSD is faster, SSD loves fragmentation. Flushing buffers is 35x faster with SSD
- 64 bit can be slower than 32 bit version, but it's more scaleable - can handle more requests
- demonstration of 4D Server v12 64-bit with 1000+ concurrent users on the Amazon EC2 service

Brendan Coveney
- 4DSYNC rest command, ritorna JSON
- Web 2.0 Pack has HTML5 app that uses 4D Sync to run on iPad
- You can store data locally on the iPad with HTML5.
- Same html5 client on iPad, iPhone and Android

Thibaud Arguillére
- iSort (native iOS app) sync demo by Thibaud che usa 4DSYNC
- Mouse over variable -> shows type.
- Mouse over method -> first lines of method.

Brendan Coveney
- SVG Area per disegnare nella v12

Kaisuke Miyako
- grande autore di componenti e plugin

Thibaud Arguillére
- Wakanda : Declare and Bind
- Wakanda : lazy loading, CRUD
- Data Grids are basically OUTPUT FORMs, Auto Forms are INPUT FORMs. Can have both on the same page.
- Can also bind objects on Wakanda pages to Javascript objects (non-data)
- debugger that makes development much easier than other Javascript environments.

Brendan Coveney
- v13 will NOT be a "big bang" release - like v12 it will be incremental
- v12 is a Carbon app. v13 will move towards being a Cocoa app, but won't totally be Cocoa.
- v13 will be almost completely rid of QuickDraw and moved to native APIs.
- New wakanda webserver implemented in 4dv13
- 4D's web server is 10-25% faster than Apache & IIS on small static files
- webkit integrated within 4D v13 Helps having consistent results cross platform
- embedded HTTP Client with GET/POST
- XHR GET( ) to get data from other web servers
- 4Dv13 will support IPv6
- Progress dialogs can be centralized in one window in v13.
- In v13 pictures and BLOb can be stored external to the database - separately on disk.
- You can index pictures in v13 - it will index the meta data.
- v13 listboxes will have footers
- You'll be able to set non-scrollable / fixed columns in v13 listboxes
- alignment, custom headers, computed breaks

Q&A Ribardiere
- Wakanda will be able to open a 4D database locally and it can also be a client to a 4D Server.
- Wakanda server side JS allows access to the data thru APIS being documented
- Editing manualy the html does not breaks wakanda features.
- Wakanda pages can have containers with content from non-Wakanda tools

Thomas Maul
- You can write comments into the debug log file with LOG EVENT ( )
- There are 3 levels of verbosity with the log file. The 3rd level shouldn't be used w/ subtables.
- With the debug log the dot at the end of the line tells you if the command/function completed.
- In Network Request Log duration is in microseconds for srv4 and milliseconds for dbmg.
- Recommends Windows Server 2008 over Windows Server 2003.
- Good new : Internet Commands working in SSL (SMTP, POP, IMAP)
- If you're doing a query, creating a set, another query, another set, intersection, etc. - Use QUERY BY FORMULA

Wakanda Ribardiere
- The Wakanda server app is faceless and runs in the background
- Showing pretty impressive relations to the other records in the same table
- You can access local files with Wakanda (for data imports, etc.)
- You can access local files
- With Wakanda you work with objects, not directly with data.
- part of Wakanda is a very smart ORM.
- You'll be able to do indexed queries on computed fields
- you'll be able to extend entity models - e.g. students or teachers extending people.
- in #wakanda what looks like the “structure editor” is an *entity* editor — you're not looking at the database. tables != entities.
- Wildcard in wakanda is @ right now, but it will change to * in the final version.
- In wakanda the connections are stateless. But there is "optimistic locking"
- wakanda's optimistic locking just tells you if someone Else has changed the record. Not really locked.
- wakanda can be used to create stand-alone apps for iPhone and iPad - just CSS work to be done.
- wakanda will be able to existing 4D databases - each 4D table = a wakanda entity model.
- wakanda will have a PHP/SQL connector to access data in non-4D databases

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